Gage Roads – New World Wheat Beer

Prologue: It’s that one day of the year where is celebrate all things American, like apple pie, torturing people and being fat and obnoxious. So I thought what better way to celebrate American Independence Day than with a great American Brew. But then we remembered American Beer taste like a mixture of vomit and urine. So instead we went to a brew from Gage Road. Now they were the brewing company that produced all those shit ads of bottles that looked like arses a couple of years ago but I was willing to give them a chance. Anyway the point is that a good old Australian company produces a beer with an American Flag on it, and that’s good enough for us for the 4th of July.
Appearance: Light, golden, bubbly, like San Francisco on a Saturday Night. So, kinda gay (I mean that in a happy way).

Flavour: Or possibly flavor being Yank day. Very Sparkly, almost Champagneisk, doesn’t taste at all like a Wheat beer, tastes more like it’s made from bubbles. (actual bubbles not Michael Jackson’s pet chimp)

Packaging: So American I wanted to go out a bash an Arab, hate a black guy and own a gun.

Food Suggestions: A sloppy joe, Peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and Buffalo Wings with ranch dressing, so the entire menu of TGI Fridays

Possible Slogan:
Drink this or we will invade your country and kill your family

Ranking: Maybe just a Pot.