Bootleg Oatmeal Stout

Prologue:  There is something big a happening over in Western Australia. I often hear about the two speed economy. The mining states such as WA going gangbusters and the rest of the country in the doldrums.

Well I’m here to tell you about the two speed micro beer economy. There are two clear stand-out states for me in the micro beer scene. Victoria and Western Australia (and if Murrays could just move south of the border I could pretty much ignore the rest of Australia) like the myopic Victorian I am.   

This site has well a truly examined the Victorian beer scene, but we have been a little light on the WA breweries.

We shouldn’t be because WA is where it’s at. From the big boys of the craft beer scene Little Creatures (based in Freo) and Matilda Bay (started in Freo but then moved to Melbourne), right through to the smaller players like Feral and our brewery of choice today – Bootleg Brewery.

Bootleg brewery is one of those places that beer wankers rabbit on about, and no one else cares about, which is normally a sign of a good brewery by the way.

Packaging:  Simple, classy good writing on a black background. It reminds me of a mug that my Aunty Lee gave me when I was about nine it said ‘Trainee Millionaire.’ in gold writing on the side. At the time being a millionaire was something to aspire to, of course now being a millionaire means that you can barely afford to buy a house in a ‘get stabbed to looking at people the wrong way’ badlands and if you are lucky a clapped out Nissan Pintara with dodgy brakes and a mysterious pool of water under the passenger seat.

Smell: Smells like liquorice.

Appearance: A solid black beer with a nice thick brown head.

Taste: Tastes like liquorice as well, along with some hints of roasted coffee, It’s not particularly carbonated, rather it is a full bodied syrup like ale. Not too sweet mind you. There no real distinctive hop characters (unless there is some wacky hop with liquorice flavours but that would seem unlikely) although the flavour does linger, and what a flavour, full rich, brilliant.  

In conclusion: This is a fantastic beer. A real dessert beer. It’s just brilliant and an amazing way to end an evening of drinking, or non drinking for that matter.

Ranking:  A Jug Please     

Made up reader’s question:  Rodney from Romsey asks: What the hell? Why is this called an oatmeal stout, I don’t want me no porridge.

Thanks for writing in Rod, and excellent use of the English language. Oatmeal stout, does indeed contain oats (but no more than 30%, although in practice liely to be much less). That’s right along with the malted barley you would normally find in beer you would also find oats in your oatmeal stout.

In fact there was a period in the end of the 19thwhere oatmeal stouts were the flavour of the day, promoted (as all things were then) as restorative and nourishing. In fact I have a sneaking suspicion that this were the term invalid stout comes from, but hey I could be wrong, I’m a bit young (about 60 years to young) to fully understand stouts.