Book Review: Drinking with George by George Wendt

Norm is somewhat of a hero around these parts, I aspire to be as cool as Norm, I wish I was as quick with a one liner and had the time to devote to beer drinking as Normy does. Any man (or women for that matter) would be happy to have a local like Cheers, where indeed everyone knows your name, you never appear to actually pay for a beer, and your drinking buddies are always there.

We love Norm so much that we set out to prove that every beer can be linking back to this patron saint of barflys and I think you’ll find we have proven this time and time again.

So given my well know love for all things Norm it was only a matter of time before someone bought me this book. That person was (once again) my awesome brother Andre, he had found it at The Strand bookshop in New York  famous for its 18 miles of books, and he gave it to me way back in April in a suitably beer fuelled event

I started reading it a couple of months later (let most people I have a pile of books I’ve been meaning to read) when I was hungover one Saturday morning, again how apt is that?

Hungover is not usually the right state to be exploring literary tomes. But this book seems to have been written for the hungover (playing to their market obviously) as it’s an easy read.

The whole book reads like you are actually in the pub with George Wendt and he is telling you the story of his life as seen through beer goggles (I understand this style of writing quite well). And the reason this works is because George comes across as a genuinely likeable fellow who has led an interesting life filled with beer.

The book isn’t all stories of George getting drunk, spread throughout the book are facts about beer (I feel this is where ghost writer Jonathan Grotenstein comes in) such pearls of wisdom as The fastest way to cool a beer (check out the video below for the answer), What Irish handcuffs are (a beer in each hand), 100 ways to say your drunk and which came first beer or bread (sadly there is no discussion of the link between beards and beer, but maybe they are leaving themselves open to a sequel)

So long story short, buy this book, it’s the next best thing to actually having a beer with George Wendt, and who wouldn’t want to do that.      

The Special Music Video:  Extra special treat for you all (and the reason this review has taken so long to appear.) Behold this tribute to Norm, and Tipples and Me (how egoistical) all set to the awesome song called ‘Norm from Cheers’ by the early 90’s Sydney band The Welcome Mat. 

Yep that’s right Norm is so cool he has songs written about him.

The not so longbow YouTube Video: It’s George talking about the book (Sorry about the like but it won’t embed):