A Thursday Night in Melbourne Town

So whilst everyone else was at the Victorian Microbrewers Showcase at Fed Square last Thursday I managed to busy myself with a couple of other beery treats. My night started at my go-to place to meet people before doing anything.

That place is Penny Blue, tucked behind the GPO building, or as I like to think about it near the vortex of the Bourke Street, Swanston Street and Collins Street trams, which means easy for everyone to get to. If you haven’t been to Penny Blue then do yourself a favour and get down there (although not when I’m there as I don’t like crowds) as they have a great selection of (mainly bottled) brews.

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Penny Blue & Moondog

If you find yourself in the CBD of Melbourne, in fact pretty much right in the middle of the city, just near the GPO building and you are looking for a place to have a few drinks then you can do much worse than popping into Penny Blue for a beer or two.

Now you won’t have too much trouble finding something interesting to drink, it’s more likely that you will struggle to narrow down the choice to just one beer. More than once here I’ve entered into a decision daze where I’m left staring at the fridge or beer list unsure of what to choose.

I did manage to make some choices when I was there a couple of days ago. I started the journey with Moondog Black Lung II. The first sign that Penny Blue is a seriously good beer bar (apart from the three hand pumps sitting on the bar) was that I was asked if I would like my drink at room temperature rather than from the fridge.  Seriously when was the last time a bar asked you that when ordering a stout? Also as you can see from the photo they then pour it into a wine style glass and give you both the glass and the empty bottle to take back to your oversized couch.

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