Crackenback (Snowy River Brewery) Pale Ale

Prologue: This beer is like that plain girl next door, you hope she is going to let down her hair and take off the glasses and be stunning, but she just doesn’t. Don’t get me wrong you’d still go there, but lets face it you won’t be bragging to your mates about it

Appearance: Looks like a stock standard Carlton Draught, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Smell: Smells remarkably like poor man’s Coopers Sparkling.

Flavour: Really quite bland, very slight bitter aftertaste, I drank this with MB and we forgot we had drunk it four seconds after finishing it. On the plus side you could drink 18 of them without noticing.

Packaging: A label more a home on a water bottle – which given the lack of taste might be apt

Food Suggestions: Sandwiches, possibly of the Cucumber variety and anything else you eat whilst playing Croquet.

Possible Slogan – Crackenback, tastes like Sack.

In a Word – Meh

Ranking: Maybe just a Pot