It really was a Good Beer Week….

The wonderful Thirsty Crow Vanilla Stout

So Good Beer Week is over for another year and I’m now currently in my detox phase which I imagine might last a good while. Many have called this the ‘coming of age’ of the Australian beer scene and you won’t hear any disagreement from me. I can only imagine how big next year’s event is likely to be.

I understand you haven’t heard from me for a while, the last daily report was last Wednesday. But fear not I didn’t end up in a gutter somewhere, the truth was Thursday was a very quiet day, as I was not feeling the best I did a couple of beers at the Rainbow and that was about it. I can tell you however that the Thirsty Crow Vanilla Stout that I had was absolutely stunning. It poured jet black with little head, smelled of vanilla and tasted of the same. It was the perfect dessert beer, in fact it made me instantly want to go out and find some churros and chocolate dipping sauce to drink it with. Well actually, realizing I wasn’t going to top it I just went home, but still a Jug worthy beer.

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Good Beer Week Day 3 – A New South Wales and Tassie

To justify having a week off work to drink beer in various pubs I had to tell myself that I would use the mornings to do all of those annoying little jobs that you never get time to do. Yesterday being the first workday it was time for the first job – pulling out the kitchen pantry.

It’s long involved story, but the basics are there are some downpipes that run behind our pantry, they are leaking. The plumber can’t fix them because they are behind the built in pantry, but the plumber can’t take out the pantry to get to the pipes, because, well that’s not his job. That’s where I come in. As I have absolutely no handyman skills it took quite a lot longer than I expected to get the stupid pantry out, and that meant I was running behind for the rest of the day.

But fear not because I still managed to fit in more than enough beers and managed a little crawl between four different pubs/events despite the late start.

Logically I started at my home pub the Courthouse for another couple of Tasmanian brews. Both were breweries I’d not heard of, once again proving the whole purpose of Good Beer Week and in particular the Pint of Origin concept.

First up was Morrisons Brewery which is a brewery all of 6 months old based in Launceston. I partook in one of their three standard beers the Irish Red Ale. It was a nice gentle beer, not too carbonated and with a slight hop bitterness but not too much. A nice easy drinking brew for when you are having a few beers on a cold winters afternoon, which I imagine the get a lot of in Tassie. Schooner

GBW is fast turning into a new Melbourne-centric game where you have to time your dash from pub to pub to miss the 4 minute long downpours that have been happening all week. As the weather was turning outside it became porter time inside, in particular the Ironhouse Porter, from, you guessed it Iron House brewery which is located on the stunning east coast of Tasmania and opened 5 years ago. Their porter was easy drinking (for a porter) it had a nice roasted grain flavour and was a touch sweet, it has almost no carbonation and finished quite dry, if I was being critical I say it strayed a little bit on the thin side for this beer geek, but a good little sipper none the less – Schooner

Then it was off the Rainbow hotel in Carlton to meet my brother (via Little Creatures for a free pot of their GABS beer Little Rabbit, which I still thought was a strange beer, essentially an over-hopped Belgian which doesn’t really work for me). The Rainbow is the home of the NSW beers in the Pint of Origin and they have a few brews that have not been available in Melbourne town before.

There are a number of beers from ‘The Rocks; brewing company, which as I understand it is located at Hart’s pub which seems to be a favourite haunt of many of the Sydney beer people I know. I tried their Golden Ale, called The Governor which was again a nice sessionable brew, light in colour and moderately hopped (with fruit tones), there was something a little off with the smell, but otherwise a very pleasant drink. Schooner.

Their real standout beer though is the Celebration Belgian ale, which is very sweet, particularly at the start of the sip, but then that sweetness carries through and sits in your mouth and lingers after you have finished. A seriously good beer. Pint

After a quick dash over to Smith Street cellars for some free Moo Brew and Josie Bones food it was back to The Rainbow and one last beer – The 4 Pines ESB which again is a good solid beer, I found that the malt dominated the taste and I didn’t find it to be very bitter or hoppy at all. The purists will tell you it’s not to style, but what the hell I enjoyed it anyway – Pint